About us

J Play was launched back in September 2006. Since then we’ve been tracking what is played on Triple J. We lovingly listen to each hour and enter all the details into a massive database. The J Play database currently includes over 40,000 songs, 11,000 artists 15,000 playlists.

Here’s some history on how the database has evolved over the years.

23 May 2006

First playlist added (testing and building the database began)

01 August 2006

All weekday prime time playlists were added:

Breakfast, Mornings, Lunch, Drive (back then it was called Top Shelf Radio), Super Request & Home & Hosed.

08 January 2007

We started adding the Mid Dawn sessions and prime time weekend playlists.

01 July 2008

Started monitoring 24/7. There’s a few gaps from the late night specialist programming (we’re

slowly working our way through all of these), but all the prime time programming hours are usually added to the database asap.

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J Play isn’t run or funded by the ABC or triple j. If you appreciated what we’re doing for the music community, please consider donating, advertising on the site or signing up for Platinum Access.

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