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Unearthed artists are absolutely dominating the airwaves right now

It's already a well-established fact, but if you've ever needed more concrete proof that triple j Unearthed is one of the biggest supporters of unsigned Aussie music, we need only to cast a glance over at the recent chart of triple j's most played tracks for the week.

The last week's most played track was Winston Surfshirt's 'Ali D', which was enjoyed a solid14 times by triple j listeners, not bad at all for a track that's only been around for a monthThis feat is shared by US indie-rockers Foster The People and their track 'Pay The Man', closely followed by Vince Staples' 'Big Fish', with 13 airings.

The idea of an Unearthed act from Sydney being more popular than a couple of big name American musicians is enough to warm the cockles of your Australian music-loving heart, but the good news is that the Unearthed domination doesn't stop there.

As you might expect, this week's most played tracks are predominantly Aussie, with 65% of the list being taken up by musicians from this fine country (that's 13 Aussie tracks for those of you playing at home). The rest of the list is 20% American (four tracks), withDenmark, England, and Sweden make up 5% each (one track). However, in addition to that Aussie representation of 65%, 55% of the whole chart is from Unearthed artists this week.

Of course, in addition to this, we're also seeing plenty of big name acts taking up some of the coveted spots on the most played list, including Haim, whose track 'Want You Back' is seeing plenty of success, being the fifth most heard track of the week, and Englishmen Royal Blood, who have returned from a couple of years of silence with their brilliant track 'Lights Out'.

From Amy Shark's 'Drive You Mad', to Skegss' 'Got On My Skateboard', to The Preatures' 'Girlhood', andover to Tash Sultana's 'Murder To The Mind', Aussie unsigned talent is completely tearing up the airwaves. Interestingly, the only Aussie actsnotto be from triple jUnearthed are Nick Murphy with his track 'Your Time' (the fourth most played track of the week), and Kilter's 'I Hear You' (the eleventh most played track).

All in all, its not only a brilliant time for Aussie musicians on the triple j airwaves, but it's an even better time to be an Unearthed musician, because the chances are, the public is about to hear plenty of you.

Winston Surfshirt: The Unearthed act currently tearing it up on triple j

Winston Surfshirt are a name you might want to familiarise yourself with.Not just because they're a pretty nifty band, but if the fact they had the most played song on triple j last week is anything to go by, you'll want to get to know them pretty well since there's a chance you're about to hear a whole lot more of them.

The Sydney six-piece are riding high off the fact that last week, their track 'Ali D', was the most played Aussie song on triple j, with a total of 14 airings. Keep in mind that's the same amount as Foster The People's 'Pay The Man', and one more play than Vince Staples' 'Big Fish’, both highly-respected and well-established artists That's already some pretty impressive company that they're keeping.

So, who are Winston Surfshirt, and why are they suddenly blowing up your speakers? Well firstly, you need to understand that the group aren't exactly new to the scene. Originally starting out as a solo project for group leader Winston Surfshirt, the group has evolved, with the introduction of various other musicians and producers, into the sextet that we know and love today. It’s a group full of talent, which shines through in the deft musicianship that is immensely present in their work so far.

But the group's profile has been rising significantly recently, and that's not a bad thing. Back in April, the group were lucky enough to get the support slot forMidnight Oil's first comeback show, and musical legend Elton John recently picked their track 'Be About You' for hisThe Rocket Hourshow on Beats 1 Radio. Heck, most bands would probably reach those milestones and feel accomplished enough to be able to retire on a high.

But that's not all, the good news has kept on coming for Winston Surfshirt. In addition to all this, the group have not only managed to catch the eye of Aussie label Sweat It Out, but they've also been noticed by a number of US booking agents. Likewise, they've received airplay on an international level from Zane Lowe from Beats 1, andJason Bentley from KCRW.

Now that the group have released their newest track 'Ali D', their smooth, soulful sounds are being heard by countless triple j listeners, and that's translating to success on a local level for the group too. The group are currently in the middle of a seven-date tour to a number of capital cities, and every date has sold out.

The group are set to release a debut album at some point in the future, so you can be sure that you’ll be hearing a lot more from them. Will this constant airplay they’re seeing right now result in a feature album slot down the line? Well, we can’t say for sure, but judging by the level of hard work they put into everything they do, any success is well-deserved.

This week’s triple j additions: Kendrick Lamar, Kim Churchill, and Sloan Peterson

After weeks of speculation about when it was coming, Kendrick Lamar's fourth album, DAMN., was released on Friday. With 14 songs full of the socially-conscious and political wordplay we've come to love and expect from Lamar, the record is bound to be well-recieved from triple j listeners this week, while its feature in high rotation as this week's feature album.

Also added to the station this week isAsgeir's newest single 'Stardust', the newest taste of the Icelandic musician's third record,Afterglow.

Meanwhile, Sloan Peterson, one of the newest signings to the Mirror Music Group roster, sees full rotation with her track '105', and Mad Decent's Slumberjack will be seeing high praise with their newest track 'Afraid, Unafraid'. Also in high rotation is Kim Churchill, whose return single 'Breakneck Speed' will be reaping much love from the rafts of adoring triple j listeners.

Feature album:

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.


Asgeir – Stardust

The Beautiful Monument – Manifestations

George Maple – Kryptonite
[Utopian Ideas/EMI]

Kim Churchill – Breakneck Speed

Motez – Praise
[Sweat It Out]

Sloan Peterson – 105
[Mirror Records]

Slumberjack – Afraid, Unafraid {Ft. Sydnee Carter}
[Mad Decent]

TAPZ – Run Don't Run
[100s + 1000s/Mushroom]


Dillon Francis – Say Less {Ft. G-Eazy} [IDGAFOS]
Louis The Child – World On Fire {Ft. Ashe} [Ultra Records
M-Phazes x Ruel – Golden Years [It's Official Records]
Mid Ayr – Pocket Her Eyes []
Ruby Fields – I Want []

This week’s triple j additions: Jess Locke added; alt-J and The Kooks return

It's nice to see that in this fast-changing world that triple j are still supporting the likes of alt-J and The Kooks, both of whom you could have easily pegged as flash-in-the-pan style bands when they emerged a few years back. Both have continued to release challenging music which doesn't sit easily in a genre, so it's nice to see them still receiving radio play.

Also surprising to see in the additions this week is Dean Lewis, who we would have thought way too Ed Sheeran-meets-Coldplay to have been playlisted by the jays.

Elsewhere Aussie producer Golden Vessel scores an add for his downtempo R'n'B jam 'Tell The-Girl', The Football Club take some serious sonic cues from last week's feature album band The Smith Street Band ('Ivy' sounds a lot like one of The Smith Street Band's songs), and speaking of TSSB, the first signing to their new label, Jess Locke, is added to high rotation with her new single, 'Better/Bitter'.

Feature album:

K.Flay – Every Where Is Some Where

Album Packet:

[Pro Era/Cinematic Music Group]


alt-J – In Cold Blood

Bliss n Eso – Moments {Ft. Gavin James}

Dean Lewis – Need You Now

The Football Club – Ivy

Golden Vessel – Tell The-Girl {Ft. Emerson Leif}
[Exist. Records]

Jess Locke – Better/Bitter
[Pool House Records]

The Kooks – Be Who You Are
[EMI] – 1x album

Sylvan Esso – Die Young
[Loma Vista Recordings/Caroline]


The Beautiful Monument – Manifestation[]
Kirin J Callinan – Bravado[EMI]
Ric Rufio – So Wonderful[Mirror Records]
TAPZ – Run Don't Run[100s + 1000s/Mushroom]
TCTS – Do It Like Me (Icy Feet) {Ft. Sage The Gemini/Kelis}[Sony]

This week’s triple j additions: Amy Shark, Gorillaz, and disco Kasabian

Polish Club's Alright Already is the feature album this week on triple j, and the closest thing to old fashioned rock music being added this week.

Northlane and sleepmakeswaves have the industrial/hardcore corner covered, sure, but aside from these two acts’ (great) tracks, it would appear every addition this week shares a similar cruisy/claustrophobic dance vibe.

Various tracks from Drake’s ‘More Life’ album will be spun on triple j across the week, and it’s clear to hear his influence in Allday’s new single, ‘In Motion’. Moody R ’n’ B seems to be in flavour with Gorillaz’ 'Saturnz Barz' a less upbeat number than we are used to from them, while Amy Shark’s ‘Weekends’, Mura Masa’s ‘1 Night’ and Vallis Alps’ ‘East’ all could have been the work of the same production team, such is the similar sonic terrain explored all across three.

Kasabian’s ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ is the closest thing to an outlier in this week’s additions list – a chirpy Brit-pop tinged disco track which sounds like turn-of-the-century Robbie Williams mixed with Electric Six. If this was by a band without such a

A big week for playlist additions, but not a very varied one.

Feature album:

Polish Club – Alright Already
[Double Double/Universal]

Album Packet:

Drake – More Life
[Universal] – 5x albums


Allday – In Motion {Ft. Japanese Wallpaper}

Amy Shark – Weekends

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz {Ft. Popcaan}

Kasabian – You're In Love With A Psycho

Mura Masa – 1 Night {Ft. Charli XCX}
[Anchor Point Records/Universal]

Northlane – Citizen

sleepmakeswaves – Tundra
[Bird's Robe Records]

Vallis Alps – East


The Football Club – Ivy[]
Girlpool – 123[Anti-/Epitaph]
Joey Bada$$ – Land Of The Free[Pro Era/Cinematic Music Group]
MUTO – Wildfire {Ft. Deutsch Duke}[Of Leisure]
Riton – Money {Ft. Kah-Lo/Mr Eazi/Davido}[Sony]

This week’s triple j additions: Horrorshow, Trophy Eyes, and a future smash hit

March 6, 2017

A surprise in this week’s triple j additions comes in the form of the new Calvin Harris single. Not usually a triple j artist, it would appear that the appearance of current chart darlings Migos, and the untouchable Frank Ocean on the track proved too hard to resist for triple j programmers.

Less surprising is the addition of ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ from Horrorshow, a longtime triple j mainstay. The band’s latest album debuted at #4 on the ARIA charts this past weekend, so expect a few more singles to be added within the next few months.

Other Aussie tracks added this week include Boo Seeka’s swirling synth symphony ‘Does This Last’ (soooo lush), Trophy Eyes’ hooky punk blast Counting Sheep’ (which we certainly don’t recommend as a sleeping aid, despite its title), and L D R U’s earworm ‘To Be Free’.

From across the pond we have the lovely, laconic ‘Boyfriend’ from Marika Hackman (such a great chorus!), and some dark, Sleigh Bells-sounding hip hop from K.Flay.

A strong and varied list of additions this week, which bodes well for the next seven days of jays.

Finally, a prediction: ‘Bubblegum’ by Confidence Man will be a massive, massive hit, and you’ll know whether you love it or hate it from the very first listen. Is it too early to predict a top ten Hottest 100 entry? Probably, but fortune favours the bold. Until next week…

triple j additionsw/c March 5, 2017

BOO SEEKA – Does This Last
[Sureshaker Music]

Calvin Harris – Slide {Ft. Frank Ocean/Migos}

Confidence Man – Bubblegum
[Amplifire Music]

Horrorshow – Let Them Eat Cake
[Elefant Traks]

K.Flay – Black Wave

L D R U – To Be Free

Marika Hackman – Boyfriend

Trophy Eyes – Counting Sheep
[Hopeless Records/UNFD]

We Review Every Song From The triple j Hottest 100 In One Sentence Each

The triple j Hottest 100 of 2016 was a highpoint for Australian artists, and a barometer for what Aussie music lovers listened to throughout the year.

But which of the songs will go down in history, and which will be forgotten the moment Flume releases his next remix?

We've reviewed every single song from the 2016 countdown in one sentence (OK, some of them areslightlylonger) to find out.

100. Birds Of Toyko – Brace

The song that plays during the big demolition derby scene inFast and the Furious 9: Mechwarrior Revenge, which is set in the utopian past of 2016.

99. Drake – Too Good (ft. Rihanna)

This is Drake finally realising his main flaw is that he is simply too good to women, and they don’t deserve his love. Phew, that’s the end of that, then.

98. Glass Animals – Season 2, Episode 3

I do love music that sounds like a Game Boy or like a melted paddle pop or a cassette warped by the sun. Incidentally, season 2, episode 3 is the one where the old man under Rachel and Monica’s apartment dies and leaves them all his junk.

97. Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me

Holy rush of shoegaze. This song sounds like what falling for someone a bit wrong for you feels like. Don’t know who Alex Lahey is, but I hope it’s a woman and not a band with a person’s name.

96. Elk Road – Hanging By A Thread (ft. Natalie Foster)

I gotta say I’m loving how all this glassy girlie indie music sounds like Belinda Carlisle’s ‘90s hits produced by whoever wrote theDonkey Kong Countrymusic, but the title of this song is reminding me of ‘Hanging By A Moment’ so the moment is ruined.

95. Flume – Lose It (ft. Vic Mensa)

This only got to 95?! LOL, Flume is over. See you later, EDM.

94. Vallis Alps – Fading

If I have to sum up the sound of 2016 in a few words, it would be “sounds like a Pretty Little Thing clothing commercial”, and it wouldn’t be an insult.

93. Empire Of The Sun – High and Low

Sure, you’d have to be an idiot not to chase that Empire Of The Sun money around the globe for a few years, but you do owe us a Sleepy Jackson album, so let’s wrap this up soon.

92. Violent Soho – How To Taste

A band that have their formula so perfected that to call it a formula seems like an insult. Just because I can tell when the heavy yelling bit is coming doesn’t mean it isn’t thrilling when it comes. That might be an allegory.

91. The Avalanches – Subways

“You walk on the subway, it moves around.” With the trains hurtling past and high congestion, a moving subway seems fraught with danger. If every Avalanches song sounds like a foggy memory of a party, rather than a party, can it truly be be party music?

90. Luca Brasi – Anything Near Conviction

Everyone you talk to at a Luca Brasi show reckons they discovered the band. I’m not even kidding. I think this is true of most great punk bands. Also true is that people will bristle at them being called a punk band.

89. SAFIA – Over You

Sincere, but in a nice way.

88. Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

This guy has the best career in the world and will be the biggest star in the world by 2018. Also, this sounds like a demonic Prince, which is an under–utilised sound.

87. Dope Lemon – Uptown Folks

Oh man, I can’t like an Angus Stone song can I? I can’t love a song named Uptown Folks can I?

86. Bliss N Eso – Dopamine (ft. Thief)

Can’t really make a Bliss N Eso joke, can I now?

85. SAFIA – My Love Is Gone

Sounds like an ad for those Ministry compilations, which it probably is.

84. Frank Ocean – Pink + White

Everyone is all “It’s not as good asChannel Orange” about this album, as if anything else has been either? Why don’t they write that in the review of the new Green Day album?

83. Tkay Maidza – Simulation

I don’t know how this wasn’t a #1 single.

82. Thundamentals – Think About It (ft. Peta and the Wolves)

This has a similar breezy vibe to ‘Keep On Movin’ by 5ive, which I know is going to be taken as a slam, but have you heard that song recently? It’s basically what a quarter of the triple j playlist sounds like.

81. Desiigner – Panda

The most avant garde song to hit #1 since ‘MMMBop’.

80. Banks – Gemini Feed

Singing about getting to the altar; Banks is lucky that some sorting computer at ABC didn’t just auto–playlist this on Radio National or whatever golden oldies regional stations they have, and skip triple j altogether.

79. Radiohead – Burn The Witch

I don’t even know what this is anymore.

78. Vera Blue – Settle

“Yeah, it’s nice. I said it’s nice, I don’t know what else you want me to say.” – Me, being a dick, when shown songs like this by someone who really needs me to love it.

77. Catfish and The Bottlemen – Soundcheck

Have you seen these little lads? Most inappropriately named band since The Killers.

76. The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak

Emo is back! But this is a blend of Breakfast Club emo, Dario emo, MCR emo, and screamo emo! “No it’s not!” you say. “Check out the title,” I reply. “Catch the hint of DeLonge enunciation towards the back half of the chorus,” I add. You remain unconvinced.

75. The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

This samples the same ‘70s song asRicki–Lee Coulter’s 2005 gem ‘Sunshine’, which I assume is something that will happen in Australian music every 11 or so years from now.

74. Camp Cope – Lost: Season One

This song is what going to university in Newcastle sounded like.

73. Violent Soho – No Shade

Any song that starts with a rumbling bassline triggers something instinctual in humans, I swear.

72. Kanye West – Famous

Taylor Swift hated being referred to as a 'bitch' in this song, which is obviously completely expected and correct and all, but she also threw so much support behind Kendrick Lamar whose two biggest singles refer to women as bitches in the chorus. I guess my point is that bitches are fickle.

71. Broods – Free

Did they sample an actual whip in this song? What happened to sampling actual whips for music? I miss that organic whip sound.

70. Golden Features – Wolfie (ft. Julia Stone)

Oh man, I can’t like a Julia Stone song can I? At least it’s named ‘Wolfie’ – that’s awesome.

69. Violent Soho – So Sentimental

I love how a song with ‘sentimental’ in the title can make me feel sentimental for the music I loved as a teen. Isn’t that whatInceptionwas about?

68. L D R U – Next To You (ft. Savoi)

Some projects have a name which is built for one–hit wonder status. This was on an ad, right?

67. The Amity Affliction – I Bring The Weather With Me

The answer song to Crowded House’s hit single.

66. Beyonce – Hold Up

Yeah yeah yeah…

65. The Amity Affliction – All Fucked Up

The verses of this sound so sweet, like the guy was told by his mother, “You have a nice voice, if you just stop all that silly screaming, people will be able to hear how nice it is.”

64 Maggie Rogers – Alaska

I may need to listen to this to be sure, but judging on the name and title, this was included in the list after ’20 Country Greats’ was accidentally played during the morning show.

63. Glass Animals – Life Itself

This dude sits in his car and listens to static, doesn’t work, lives with his mum, sips codeine, and thinks he has two million freckles. I can’t tell if he is happy or sad.

62. Dope Lemon – Marinade

I thought Paul Kelly was the only artist that ARIA has allowed to do spoken word over laconic ‘80s instrumentals? Sounds like the mood Channel 7 always try to present in their summer station promos.

61. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard –Gamma Knife

It’sCountdownand Molly just flubbed the intro but only because he knows this song is about to tear a hole through him, and Skyhooks are on next week’s show, and he is on a roll, our Molly.

60. Sofi Tukker – Drinkee

Sounds like a kid practising riffs in his room with the noise from the club across the road bleeding through his walls, and now the French girl next door is practising her singing, and what’s the point of doing scales if he can’t hear himself properly?

59. Frank Ocean – Solo

One of four in an exciting series of brand jingles on Frank Ocean’s new album, alongside ‘Nikes’, ‘Facebook Story’ and ‘White Ferrari’. Slam this track down fast!

58. Ali Barter – Girlie Bits

Holy shit, this sounds like Juliana Hatfield and Liz Phair and the good songs fromDariathat you never found out who sang.

57. Catfish and The Bottlemen – Twice

Do you think there is a draft each year where all the UK bands that sound like this compete for theNMEcover stories and BBC Radio 6 playlist slots? “Sorry, Razorlight and The Vaccines, you’re free agents for the next 12 months. Write a song about Leeds or ‘knockers’ or something then try again next year.”

56. Paces – Keeping Score (ft. Guy Sebastian)

Using Guy Sebastian is cheating. Disqualification! Also, with the controversy still surrounding his 2003 Idol win, triple j don’t need this.

55. RUFUS – Say A Prayer For Me

I could hear this a hundred times and not recall anything about it. Is this pure survival instinct? Hard to say.

54. Blink–182 – Bored To Death

They use the same flange drum trick they used in ‘Feeling This’ to signal some form of change is coming, but then Mark sings about being 17 and not coming home, and before too long you’re hooked and you don’t even notice the guy doing the Tom voice isn’t Tom at all.

53. Violent Soho – Blanket

I hope these guys never attempt to make a mature album with “a bit of hip hop production” or “these cool string parts” or “our bass player sings the ballad” or anything that doesn’t make me instantly think “hell fuck yeah” (or “hell fuck yes” if I am feeling particularly formal).

52. Halsey – Love Yourself

Adding swearing to a pop song is funny. (See: Old School)

51. Sticky Fingers – Outcast At Last

You all have some moral decisions to make. Don’t pretend you can or should separate these things.

50. Gang Of Youths – Strange Diseases

A perfectly pompous orchestral intro where you can just tell the song is about to kick into the stratosphere is still one of the most satisfying musical tricks, if done well.

49. Hilltop Hoods – Higher

A faithful cover of the Creed single, covered for the tribute albumDon’t Stapp Thinking About Tomorrow.

48. Kingswood – Creepin’

These guys are one of those true blue Aussie rock bands who don’t mind getting sweaty and writing the kinda true blue rock that your uncle was yelling doesn't exist anymore during the BBQ last Xmas. Remember? He started talking about them when ‘Run To Paradise’ came on.

47. D.D Dumbo – Walrus

This is only the second trippiest song with ‘Walrus’ in the title, but it’s still fairly trippy. The part from 96 seconds in is psychotropic heaven.

46. Mac Miller – Dang! (ft. Anderson .Paak)

Mac Miller is coming for that Drake crown, and he is bringing Anderson .Paak along to snatch away that Kendrick crown, because why not?

45. A.B. Original – Dumb Things (ft. Paul Kelly and Dan Sultan)

Why did we start putting the featured artist as part of the song title? Surely that’s not the way to do it, right? (This is a good version of ‘Dumb Things’, too – if you’re still relying on the ‘review’ part of our agreement).

44. D.D Dumbo – Satan

Paul Simon! Thaaaat’s who this dude sounds like.

43. MØ– Final Song

Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ might be the most influential song of all time. Or of 2016.

42. Broods – Heartlines

Now that they don’t makeRoswellepisodes anymore, what show will this be on the finale of?

41. The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming

So, Marvin Gaye can sue and win for something that kinda copies a groove, yet The Weeknd unfreezes MJ’s corpse, reanimates him, and forces him to record thisThriller-era mid–tempo disco ballad, and we all go “The Weeknd is so brilliant” and vote for him?

40. Kid Cudi – Surfin (ft. Pharrell Williams)

These guys have really captured what it feels like to surf.

39. DMA’s – Step Up The Morphine

The way these guys look, sound, and hold themselves means they would be absolutely slaughtered by everyone, except they are just too damn good at writing songs. Ironically, this is also true of Oasis, The Stone Roses, and Primal Scream. It’s DNA – or good tambourine game.

38. Glass Animals – Youth

The butcher in the town I grew up in collected little cute porcelain pigs, often dressed in clothes, and had them scattered all around the store. He also had dead pigs hanging from hooks behind him, and would often pick bits of fat and meat off these and just chew on them.

37. Flume – Smoke and Retribution

Oh boy. It’s really not his year, is it?

36. Sticky Fingers – Sad Songs

DMA’s have this sorted. We don’t need these guys anymore.

35. Client Liaison – World Of Our Love

This is as good a time as any to promote Retrosweat, an ‘80s–themed aerobics class that runs out of Sydney. This is not a paid commercial.

34. Dune Rats – Scott Green

Dune Rats sound like Rancid, look like Ugly Kid Joe, and sing about being high, while being high. There’s no roof to this.

33. Dune Rats – Bullshit

They are right, there is a lot of bullshit – just generally. This song isn’t bullshit, though.

32. Tash Sultana – Notion

This is a genuinely great song, but I secretly think all the success is because the instrumental intro reminds everyone of theFriday Night Lightssoundtrack. Close your eyes, and you can see Riggins, can’t you?

31. Drake – One Dance

Drake is obsessed with residential pools, and his goal is to have the biggest residential pool in the world. True story. I believe in his ability to achieve this – ‘cos Drake achieves things.

30. RUFUS – Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)

I can’t judge this, I don’t know what the original sounded like. What So Not may have ruined this, or fixed it, comparatively speaking. I just don’t know, sorry.

29. Sticky Fingers – Our Town

Ever think it’s weird how NFL players get punished for bad behaviour more severely than musicians with music marketed at kids?

28. The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

This is the sound of Cypress Hill crashing a bar mitzvah.

27. Gretta Ray – Drive

I love when songs named ‘Drive’ sound like driving. It’s a neat trick. I also love how this song takes its time ‘cos it knows there’s no rush to get to the good bit when they are all the good bit.

26. SAFIA – Make Them Wheels Roll

This doesn’t feel like driving. Maybe in a hovercraft; haven’t used one.

25. Montaigne – Because I Love You

She sings the verse of this with the kind of cadence I assume our first sentient robots will adopt, and those bleeping sounds aren’t changing my mind about this, either. Her album is great, so buy it.

24. Cub Sport – Come On Mess Me Up

Breezy–but–frosty ballads with a sprinkle of epic seem to be popular these days. What does this say about the public temperature?

23. Illy – Catch 22 (ft. Anne–Marie)

It has to be borderline racist how so many of these vocalists affect Rihanna’s Barbados accent, right? Sia is the worst offender, but she’s literally writing demos for Rihanna so maybe she gets a pass?

22. Kanye West – Ultralight Beam

Kanye knows he can say anything and as long as he keeps putting out songs as transcendent as this, people will just put up with it. It’s like how Noel Gallagher declared himself the best songwriter in the world then put out ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and everyone quietly went, “Yeah, well… OK.”

21. The Smith Street Band – Death To The Lads

The only contender for the next Bright Eyes/Springsteen as far as I can see, as long as Wil Wagner doesn’t screw it up by writing a lads’ anthem.

20. The xx – On Hold

You think you have them on hold, until you know you don’t. At least have the good nature to refer to it as having them “on lay-by” and stay classy about it.

19. Catfish and The Bottlemen – 7

These fucking guys, again…

18. Chance The Rapper – All Night (ft. Knox Fortune)

I’m glad the high-five is back in hip hop songs. I was sick of hand gestures that represented indifference. What if we do care?

17. Big Scary – The Opposite Of Us

These guys signed a publishing deal the other day, and I saw someone freak out online that they wouldn’t be indie anymore, and it was so quaint and zine-era snobbish that I saw hope for the future.

16. A.B. Original – January 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)

This song is powerful, and the message is clearly important, but it’s just not very cool sounding, sorry. Otherwise it would have gone to #1. It sounds like The Rockmelons or something – prove me wrong, kids!

15. Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

For triple j listeners to vote a song which claims “I get a little Genghis Khan” one slot above a song protesting a day which celebrates genocide can be read into so many different ways. Or maybe just in one really unfortunate way.

14. Violent Soho – Viceroy

Has a bit of ‘Jessie’s Girl’ and ‘Just what I Needed’ in the pre–chorus, which is always welcome.

13. Mura Masa – Lovesick (ft. A$AP Rocky)

Another hit song that began life as a Pretty Little Thing fashion campaign, and impossible to dance to, despite being a dancefloor smash.

12. Milky Chance – Cocoon

I thought this was a Coldplay song until half a minute ago.

11. Pnau – Chameleon

I love how Elton John is such a massive fan of these guys. I can’t picture it, to be honest.

10. The Weeknd – Starboy

“Shoot for a Starman, and even if you miss you’ll land among the Starboys” – proverb

9. Peking Duk – Stranger

The controversial Peking Duk hit, which destroyed all the great work numerous Stranger Danger campaigns had done for awareness.

8. Flume – Say It

You can tell that’s not really Flume singing.

7. Illy – Papercuts (ft. Vera Blue)

I remember when rappers used to guest on pop stars’ singles, and not the other way around.

6. DMA’s – Believe

He has such a pure voice, and this is such a down–the–middle heartfelt cover of this song, and then the very instant he stops singing he snaps back into his “fookin’ mad for it, innit?” lad act so quickly, it’s really quite something.

5. Childish Gambino – Redbone

He couldn’t have timed his amazing Fallon performance and Golden Globes victory any more perfectly for this late-burst Hottest 100 run. We know what he’s up to.

4. Hilltop Hoods – 1955 (ft. Montaigne and Tom Thum)

Well, The Avalanches didn’t use any old-timey voiceover “that boy needs therapy” style samples on their new single, so that real estate is wide open.

3. Tash Sultana – Jungle

She is single-handedly responsible for the surge in solo artists giving the loop pedal a go as if it isn’t an extremely difficult thing to do well, just ‘cos she makes it look so cool and effortless. Next time you see someone flub a loop pedal guitar solo, send Tash Sultana a complaint letter.

2. Amy Shark – Adore

Oh man, when the dust settles in a few years, this is going to be so many people’s favourite song ever. It has that “favourite song ever” vibe.

1. Flume – Never Be Like You (ft. Kai)

Flume’s entire career is because he learned how to mix on a program he got in a box of cereal when he was 13. Imagine if his mother bought Weet-Bix and instead he got a sticker with Kieren Perkins on it. Things would be a lot different…

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Why Are People Switching Off triple j?

Aussie music lovers have long had an affinity for triple j, in fact, the sheer long-standing popularity of their annual Hottest 100 poll is a clear indication of that. However, for some reason, triple j's once-loyal listeners are now tuning out. triple j have been on the air for close to 42 years now, and its immense popularity has just grown and grown over time, becoming known as Australia's preeminent youth-oriented radio station. But recent survey figures show that more and more listeners are making the switch to other stations.

As we reported back in August following the fifth radio ratings survey for 2016, Gold FM was becoming the station of choice for Australia's youth market, in Melbourne at least; an audience that is usually not associated with music of Gold's calibre. But now according to Radio Today, the seventh radio ratings survey for the year shows that there is still a relatively steady decrease in triple j's listeners around Australia.

If we are to compare this year's radio results from those released at the end of last year, we can see further evidence of a steady decline, as triple j's most lucrative age-group – the 18-24 range – saw a drop in almost every capital city. While Perth saw a drop from 29.7 points (their highest rating city) to 27 points, others like Melbourne, saw a drop from 14.4 to 12.6. However, the news isn't terrible across the board. Adelaide has seen a steady improvement for triple j listeners, as they went from a moderate 15.2 points at the end of 2015, to an increase of almost 20%, reaching 20.2 this year. Despite relatively moderate decreases of 1-2 points on average in each major city for each of the age groups, both Adelaide and Perth saw increases for triple j's listener share in the 18-24 age group, with an increase of 7.7 and 2.7 respectively.

Looking at the broad picture, the question remains: Why are the younger generation choosing to switch from triple j's tried and true formula for radio, and switching to stations such as Gold FM or even thoroughly commercial broadcasters like KIIS, NOVA, and Fox FM?

With triple j's recent announcement that long-time hosts Matt Okine & Alex Dyson are leaving, does that also mean that once-loyal listeners could be leaving with then? What will the first radio survey of next year look like once triple j implement their new radio hosts?

Will a new change bring in fresh listeners, or will this be the final straw, and be the impetus for a mass exodus of triple j listeners? We can only wait and see. Ultimately, despite any criticisms that may levelled against triple j, it flies the flag for local music more than any other station of its size and scope, carrying a burden not felt by its commercial competitors.

A decline in triple j's audience translates to Australian music reaching fewer ears, and that's not the direction any of us want to see the industry traveling in, so we're hoping as much as anybody that triple j can maintain a strong foothold and continue one of the biggest conduits for local musicians.

triple j Unearthed Figures Show Aussie Female Acts Set To Dominate 2017

Did you make the cut? There were over 2,200 different artists played last year on triple j Unearthed, making it undeniably the best way for young Australian artists to get heard without having to jump through any of the hoops or battle the gatekeepers that controlled the Australian music industry in the past.

Pleasingly, 60% of the acts were female-fronted, which shouldn’t be something we need to point out or celebrate; nevertheless, this is the first year in Unearthed history that female singers have scored more airplay than males – a trend we hope continues.

Melbourne band songwriter Alex Lahey was the most-played artist on Unearthed in 2016, and responded to the news humbly.

Thanks for everything, @triplejunearthd! I am so honoured to be among some of my faves in this list x

— Alex Lahey (@AlexLahey) December 15, 2016

Another Melbourne act, hip hop/RnB group Fortunes, were second-most played, with soul vocalist Wallace coming in at third. She has received some interest from BBC this year, too, with noted Radio 6 DJ Gilles Peterson exclaiming, “Wow, what a voice! Just good soul music!”