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Posted On Dec 20, 2017

This week has seen some pretty amazing additions to the triple j playlist, with plenty of well-deserved Aussie acts getting the recognition they need. Of course, it can’t all be homegrown talent, with lots of amazing international acts getting in on the action as well.

With so many brilliant artists and songs floating around the airwaves, it can be a little hard to keep track of what we’ve been listening to over the week. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look back over the 20 most-played artists on triple j this week, and give you a quick rundown on just who they are, and why you’ve been hearing so much of them.

20. Samsaruh

Samsaruh has had an absolutely amazing year in 2017, with countless tunes being spun on triple j, triple j Unearthed, and plenty of collaborations with big name musos. Given how good tracks like ‘Beautiful Killer’ are, it’s hardly any wonder why she’s been getting major airplay on triple j.

19. Wolf Alice

A few weeks back, you couldn’t look at this list without seeing Wolf Alice near the top. But after a few of weeks away, the group released their second record,Visions Of A Life. Featuring the triple j favourites ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ and ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, Wolf Alice are set to be known as one of this year’s most popular acts, and rightfully so.

18. Gang Of Youths

Gang Of Youths have had a huge year. With an ARIA #1 album, countless brilliant songs being released onto the airwaves, and their recent success at the ARIAs, it’s hardly any surprise these absolute legends are still getting much-deserved airplay.

17. Mallrat

Mallrat has been absolutely killing it since she exploded onto the scene last year. With a casual style of performing, Mallrat has been winning fans all over the place thanks to her seemingly effortless approach to music. Definitely one to watch for the future.

16. Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs has only been making music professionally for the last couple of years, but in those few years we’ve fallen in love with what she’s created. Having now scored some major airplay thanks to songs like ‘Hi-Lo (Hollow)’, and ‘Dream’, this won’t be the last we hear of this English muso, and that suits us just fine.

15. The Jungle Giants

When The Jungle Giants released their much-anticipated record, Quiet Ferocity, back in June, we knew we were going to be hearing plenty more of them. Now that tracks like the slick ‘Bad Dream’ have been all over the airwaves, well we can’t complain one bit.

14. Sløtface

Sløtface have spent the last year dominating the international music scene, thanks to their memorable name and their no-holds-barred punk-rock attitude. Following a trip to Australia this year, the band’s popularity received a huge boost, with countless Aussies citing them as one of their new favourites.

13. Jarami

One of the finest new production duos to hit the scene, these Swedish musos have been rising in popularity ever since they first collaborated with Frank Ocean. Now, with tracks like ‘Hear This’ making a splash on triple j, they’ve suddenly found themselves plenty of new fans in Australia.

12. Meg Mac

Still getting constant airplay months after the release of her debut album, Meg Mac is showing that she’s easily one of Australia’s greatest musos with her countless appearances on this list now.

11. The Wombats

For a band who tour our country as much as The Wombats, they might as well be honorary Aussies by now. Having recently announced a new album is on the way, their lead single ‘Lemon To A Knife Fight’ has been scoring some serious love. Now we just have to wait for the inevitable Aussie tour!

10. Basenji

Having risen in popularity for a couple of years now, it’s no surprise that a collab with Adelaide’s Tkay Maidza was going to be the key to success for Basenji. Currently the fourth most-played track on triple j this week, we reckon this one could be right at the top in no time.

9. What So Not

What So Not already had a banner year thanks to a collaboration with LPX, but now a collaboration with Daniel Johns has produced ‘Bo Ok Again’, a jam so beloved by triple j that it’s managed to score the status of being the third most-played track for the week.

8. The Killers

The Killers had a pretty huge year as well in 2017, thanks to a number one album, a secret show in Melbourne, and performances at the AFL Grand Final. Now, with the Las Vegas rockers set to return to Australia in just a matter of months, they’ve scored some pretty impressive airplay on triple j once again.

7. Tired Lion

Tired Lion’s Dumb Days scored plenty of accolades and critical reception upon its release, but the band aren’t obviously out of the minds of fans just yet, with triple j giving Tired Lion enough spins to make them one of the most-played acts on the station this week.

6. Starcrawler

Starcrawler have been together for almost no time at all, but it’s taken them almost the same amount of time to start creating some brilliant rock tunes that will get you out of your seat and dancing around the room. With ‘I Love LA’ the second most-played track on triple j this week, it’s a perfect addition to any rock-lover’s playlist.

5. Tame Impala

It’s been two years since Tame Impala last released a record, but thanks in part to the recent Collector’s Edition reissue of Currents, they’re back on top of the popularity pile. Let’s face it though, they were never too far away.

4. Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps have been slowly rising over the last couple of years, slowly becoming one of Australia’s favourite new artists. Having released two EPs in as many years, the duo have now released the brilliant ‘So Settled’, which has impressed listeners enough to become the most-played track on the station this week.


This US hip-hop collective might have only been around a few years, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving us three huge records already this year. Although they promised their new album would be their last, the group have since said they plan to keep on making new music into the future.

With tracks like ‘Swamp’ and ‘Sweet’ becoming firm favourites for fans, expect to hear plenty more from these amazing musicians when their next record drops.

2. Kendrick Lamar

Kung Fu Kenny just keeps on delivering the goods. Sure, it’s been eight months since DAMN. was released, but that hasn’t stopped Australia’s love affair with one of the finest hip-hop artists going around.

1. Petit Biscuit

Having been on the minds of countless music fans for a couple of years now, Petit Biscuit released his debut album back in November, and folks have been loving it. Thanks to the success of tracks like ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Gravitation’, Petit Biscuit has quickly become a new favourite for countless Aussie listeners.


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