Check out the top 5 unsigned acts on triple j at the moment

Posted On Sep 05, 2017

Aussie talent is bloody brilliant, to say the least. We’re also lucky enough to be graced with the presence of such amazing platforms and programs such as triple j and Unearthed, which helps to uncover and foster fresh, up-and-coming Aussie talent. Could you imagine partaking in a music scene that doesn’t foster the growth of new talent, and instead relies heavily on recycled artists time and time again? Yeah, not for us.

Instead, we’ve got so much fresh talent that sometimes we don’t even know what to do with it all! That’s why we’re taking a few moments to step back and appreciate the top five unsigned, up-and-coming acts on triple j right now.

5. Willaris K.

This 23-year-old producer from Northern NSW has been delivering some brilliantly crafted music for some time now. With a generous, luscious sound to his compositions, Willaris K. is a truly eclectic musician who is undoubtedly set to take the world by storm. Tracks like ‘Alchemy’ just prove how amazingly intricate and well-composed his music is. Definitely one artist you’ll want to keep your eye on.


4. Ninajirachi

Ninajirachi has been spending quite a bit of time on this list lately, and for good reason. The 18-year-old’s brilliant production work has seen her create some absolutely huge tracks. With spots on the Listen Out and The Plot lineups, Ninajirachi is undoubtedly set to take the world by storm. One need only look at the huge amount of time she’s spent on this list to see that folks are still loving her music each and every week. Don’t be surprised if she ends up signed to a major record label within a year.


3. Stevie Jean

Stevie Jean has spent a few years cutting her teeth on the music scene as the vocalist of GAIA, and as one half of Indie Road, supporting a fair amount of large names in the Aussie music industry in the process. Now gone solo, the Northern Territory’s Stevie Jean is using her musical talents to deliver some of the finest tracks that you’ll hear come from a young artist. Here’s hoping the we’ll be seeing plenty more of Stevie Jean in the future.

2. Samsaruh

18-year-old Samsaruh has been spending her time working with a wide variety of talented Aussie musicians of late, including the fabulous Just A Gent, to help work on a number of brilliant tracks, including ‘Golden To Thrive’. Samsaruh is definitely one act you’ll want to get your ears on as quickly as possible, lest you start cursing all the time you’ve spent not listening to her awesome work.


1. Ruby Fields

You can’t keep Ruby Fields off this list, no matter how hard you try. Taking out the number one spot once before, she’s riding high off the newfound popularity that has come from fans discovering her awesome ‘P Plates’ video clip. With a national tour on the horizon, Ruby Fields is set to deliver one of the finest live shows going around. Definitely an artist you’ll want to see as soon as possible.



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