Check out triple j’s top 5 unsigned acts this week

Posted On Aug 28, 2017

One of the greatest thing about Australian music is the huge amount of support that we give our up-and-coming talent. With platforms such as triple j Unearthed, artists that would otherwise go unnoticed are able to catch their big break and go on to be huge players in the global music game. Needless to say, it gives you a pretty good feeling when you look at some of the awesome talent our fine country has.

Of course, before they get to that world-beating stage, they have to start somewhere. So we've decided to take a look at the top five usigned artists on triple j right now. Who knows, in just a few years you could see some of these acts playing some international festivals, and you'll be able to look back with pride as you remember when you first heard their awesome talent.

5. West Thebarton

Arguably the best up-and-coming rock band in Adelaide right now, West Thebarton are a force to be reckoned with. With the group recently releasing their absolutely stellar single ‘Moving Out’, and slightly amending their name, they’re setting themselves up for big things. Be sure to head along to a West Thebarton show and immerse yourself in the brutal wall of South Australian sound that this seven-piece hydra serves up.


4. TSoko

Zimbabwean-born, Perth-raised TSoko is managing to utilise his fresh, dynamic style to make some brilliant Aussie hip-hop that you have to hear to believe. With TSoko’s track ‘Blasphemy’ getting rave reviews for its slick production and steam-of-consciousness lyrics, you’re going to be hearing plenty more of TSoko in the near future.

3. Willaris K.

Willaris K. is an up-and-coming producer from Northern NSW, and a name that you’ll want to remember for the future. The 23-year-old has been making music for a while now, finding a way to deliver luscious, dark ambient tunes right to your eager ears. While tracks like ‘Alchemy’ might take some repeat listening to full appreciate the full range of sounds and efforts that have gone into its construction, every listen is a journey that you’re glad you’ve taken.


2. Samsaruh

Samsaruh topped this list last week, and with good reason. The 18-year-old has been working hard with plenty of talented Aussiemusos, such as Just A Gent to deliver some absolutely stunning tracks, such as ‘Golden To Thrive’. We certainly recommend getting on the ground floor of the Samsaruh experience, because with music this good, you know she won’t stay a secret for much longer.


1. Ruby Fields

Ruby Fields has been up and down on this list in recent weeks, but has finally taken out the number one spot. Thanks in part to the newly-released video for her amazing ‘P Plates’, Ruby Fields addictively laid-back and chilled-out style is one that is winning her countless fans. With a national tour set to kick off pretty soon, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ruby Fields is going to deliver an absolutely phenomenal show that you’ll remember for quite some time.


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