Double J are bringing out some lost hits with their list of the 50 most overlooked songs from the 90s.

Posted On Jun 10, 2017

It's a sad fact of life that as musical trends change, we're bound to neglect some of the songs that once gave us joy, and were the soundtrack to our lives for a brief period. Of course, with the advent of sources like YouTube, Spotify, and access to almost endless amounts of online resources, we've done pretty well to keep our love of classic tracks alive. But what about those tracks that just aren't cool anymore, and have fallen out of favour with the music-loving public? Well, Double J have your answer.

Today, as part of their month-long focus on the '90s, Double J are taking a look back at some of the most overlooked tracks from the decade that bought us Radiohead, Blink-182, and Regurgitator, amongst others. The station is counting down their list of the 50 most overlooked songs from the decade today, starting from 1pm, when Machine Gun Fellatio's Chit Chat von Loopin Stab teams up with Caz Tran to count down the list.

Coming in at the number position though, is that little track by Not From There that was relegated to the #100 position in 1998 Hottest 100; 'Sich Offnen.' If you were around in the '90s, you'd surely remember Not From There. Made up of Austrian Heinz Riegler and two Aussies that he met while in London, the group relocated to Brisbane soon after, and started churning out the tunes.

The group's debut recordSand On Seven was nominated for three ARIA awards, eventually winning the award forBest Adult Alternative Album. The ensuing years saw a second record released, before the group sort of petered out. For an in-depth look at Not From There, their history, and what the members are up to now, be sure to check out the article that Double J wrote up on the group just a couple of days ago.

The rest of top ten sees a veritable list of lost classics, including Strawpeople's 'Trick With A Knife', Cordrazine's 'Crazy', The Dambuilders' 'Teenage Loser USA', and Fini Scad's 'Coppertone'. If these tracks are getting you excited, you can check out the full list here, then be sure to tune into Double J from 1pm today as they count down 50 of the best tracks from the '90s that just don't get the love and respect they truly deserve.

Double J's 10 Most Overlooked Songs Of The 90s

1. Not From There – 'Sich Offnen' (1998)
2. Dream Warriors – 'Wash Your Face In My Sink' (1990)
3. Strawpeople – 'Trick With A Knife' (1994)
4. Sebadoh – 'Rebound' (1994)
5. Cordrazine – 'Crazy' (1997)
6. Gary Clail On-U Sound System – 'Human Nature' (1991)
7. The Dambuilders – 'Teenage Loser USA' (1995)
8. Fini Scad – 'Coppertone' (1995)
9. Jacknife Lee – 'Cookies' (1999)
10. Hieroglyphics – 'You Never Knew' (1998)

Tune into Double J from 1pm today as Caz Tran and Chit Chat von Loopin Stab count down the full list of 50 most overlooked songs from the '90s.


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