Get to know the 20 most-played acts on triple j this week

Posted On Oct 24, 2017

As per usual, triple j has spent the last week delivering some absolutely amazing tracks to your ears, with amazing Aussie acts getting plenty of spin, while sharing the spotlight with our international friends as well.

With so many amazing artists and songs floating around the airwaves, it can be a little hard to keep track of what we've been listening to over the week. That's why we've decided to take a look back over the 20 most-played artists on triple j this week, and give you a quick rundown on just who they are, and why you've been hearing so much of them.

20. Winston Surfshirt

Having scored the feature album spot for their recordSponge Cakerecently, Winston Surfshirt are truly unstoppable. Having caught the eye of folks the world over, this Aussie collective are set for huge things. With their tunes getting a huge amount of repetition on triple j this week, it’s only going to be a few years before almost every music fan in the world has heard of this brilliant Aussie group.

19. Mallrat

Mallrat has been absolutely killing it since she exploded onto the scene last year. With a casual style of performing, Mallrat has been winning fans all over the place thanks to her seemingly effortless style of performing. Definitely one to watch for the future.

18. Tired Lion

Tired Lion’s Dumb Days scored plenty of accolades and critical reception upon its release, but the band aren’t obviously out of the minds of fans just yet, with triple j giving Tired Lion enough spins to make them one of the most-played acts on the station this week.

17. Maggie Rogers

Following the major success that Maggie Rogers saw with her track ‘Alaska’ last year, the American muso is back once more with the brilliant ‘Split Stones’. The eleventh most-played track on the station this week, we’re hoping this is just the first taste of a brand new album. Fingers crossed!

16. Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis has had a pretty strong couple of years, making it to #12 on the Aussie charts thanks to his song ‘Waves’. Now, with his music seeing plenty of popularity both here and abroad it’s only appropriate that he makes it into the top 20 most-played acts this week.

15. Ball Park Music

Ball Park music released their recordEvery Night The Same Dreamlast year, but the group didn’t want to just sit around, wasting time before a new album was due. Rather, the Brisbane group have had a quick turnaround, releasing the brilliant ‘Exactly How You Are’. We’re not sure when to expect a new Ball Park Music record, but if the new track is anything to go by, we can’t wait for it to drop.

14. Odesza

Returning for the first time in three years, Odesza’s new record,A Moment Apart, has been seeing some huge popularity the world over. Thanks to singles like ‘Higher Ground’, this American electronic group are set to capture the hearts of Aussie music fans once again.

13. Dej Loaf

Dej Loaf’s ‘Changes’ has been tearing up the airwaves lately, sitting at number eight on the list of most-played tracks. ‘Changes’ is just another taste from this brilliant American muso’s upcoming debut record,Liberated. We absolutely can’t for this one to be released soon!

12. Peking Duk

Peking Duk have only released two singles this year, but have still managed to see loads of popularity as they do their best to soundtrack every Australian’s upcoming summer months. With their newest track, ‘Let You Down’, the seventh most-played track this week, the only way is up for these lads.

11. DMA's

DMA’s have recently awoken from their slumber and released the new single ‘Dawning’, which has been so popular that it’s become the sixth most-played track of the week. The first taste of a new record, we’re getting super stoked at the idea of a full album of new tracks from these Sydney lads.

10. Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is still going absolutely gangbusters. With a US TV debut under her belt now, and a debut record on the way (right, Tash?), things are looking up for this awesomely talented musician.

9. Alice Ivy

Alice Ivy has been seeing a massive rise in popularity since the release of her tracks ‘Touch’ and ‘Almost Here’. Now, with her track ‘Be Friends’ becoming the fourth-most played track on the station once again, the Melbourne producer is just getting started on her journey to world domination.

8. Lorde

The Kiwi songstress that needs no introduction, Lorde’sMelodramahas been hugely popular since its June release date. Thanks to the recent triple j Lorde Remix competition, she’s been in the spotlight once again. With an Aussie tour getting close, you’re set to hear plenty more of this brilliant musician.

7. Baker Boy

Baker Boy’s profile has been rising consistently in recent months, and with good reason. With strong, socially-conscious lyric, and a confident style of delivery, Baker Boy is set to become one of Australia’s most respected musicians in no time.

6. Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey has excited plenty of fans with the her new record,I Love You Like A Brother,especially after it scored the triple j feature album spot recently. With ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’ being warmly received, along with countless other tracks from the record, you’re going to be hearing plenty of Alex Lahey for quite a while. Maybe start drafting out your Hottest 100 votes now, because Alex Lahey is definitely going to feature in this year's countdown.

5. E^ST

E^ST has returned with the band new single ‘Life Goes On’ and has captured the hearts and minds of triple j listeners in the process. Currently the second most-played track on the station this week, E^ST’s music continues to get a huge response from Aussie listeners, and with good reason.

4. Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps have been slowly rising over the last couple of years, slowly becoming one of Australia’s favourite new artists. Having released two EPs in as many years, the duo have now released the brilliant ‘Oceans’, which has impressed listeners enough to become the most-played track on the station this week.

3. Wolf Alice

A few weeks back, you couldn’t look at this list without seeing Wolf Alice near the top. But after a few of weeks away, the group released their second record,Visions Of A Life. Featuring the triple j favourites ‘Don't Delete the Kisses’ and ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, Wolf Alice are set to be one of this year’s most popular acts, and rightfully so.

2. Holy Holy

Holy Holy have been one of those word-of-mouth bands for quite some time, so it’s refreshing to see that they’re finally getting the recognition that so truly deserve. Having released their second LP, Paint, this year, the group are on track for another brilliant year of critical acclaim.


This US hip-hop collective might have only been around a few years, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving us two huge records already this year, with another on the way. If this is what these folks have done in just two years, keep an eye on them, because they’ll be huge. With tracks like ‘Swamp’ and ‘Gummy’ becoming firm favourites for fans, expect to hear plenty more from these amazing musicians.



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