Here’s some of the Unearthed acts you’ll be hearing more of this week

Posted On Jul 13, 2017

This week'sUnearthed playlist additions see a 15 tracks being added to rotation this week, and like usual, there's an immense amount of variety in that list. So where do you start? Do you just listen to the radio and hope that you're going to discover these new acts the old fashioned way? Well, you could, but why do that when we can help you get acquainted with a few of them right now? So stick with us as we introduce you to a handful of these Unearthed acts you'll be hearing plenty of.


This week's Unearthed feature artist, Wharves, comes at you from Lennox Head in New South Wales. Who are Wharves though? Well, they're an indie-rock quartet who've been kicking around for the last two years, and are getting ready to become your new favourite band. Having recently won the chance to play at this year's Splendour In The Grass, Wharves are definitely going to get their track 'Man You Want Me To Be' stuck in your head for days to come.

With the group having worked with Steven Schram (San Cisco, Tiny Little Houses) to produce their recent single, the group are in good hands, and will undoubtedly be providing us with plenty of great tunes for years to come.


Born in Papua New Guinea, Kaiit lived between Australia and her homeland before settling in Melbourne. Raised on a steady diet of alternative music, Kaiit has blossomed into a musician who skirts between the genres of indie, soul, rock, pop, and hip-hop, providing a musical kaleidoscope within her music.

With Kaiit's track 'Natural Woman' being picked up for rotation on Unearthed this week, you're set to hear a lot from this talented musician. Citing musicians such as Amy Winehouse, and Lauryn Hill as inspiration, Kaiit in undobutedly going to be one of the next big things in Aussie music, and with a voice like that, it's not hard to see why.


For those who say that Adelaide's music scene is dying, one need only to look in the direction of Wolfjay to see that certainly isn't the case. Citing influences as vast and diverse as David Byrne, Shigeru Miyamoto, andWes Anderson, and describing their sound as a mix betweenJamie XX, JustinBieber, and "the mixtape from the stereo in your ex's car', you know that you're in safe hands with Wolfjay.

With Wolfjay's 'For A Moment' being picked up by the broadcaster this week, you're going to be hearing a lot more of this sort of thing in the future. Considering the emotional ride that Wolfjay's music is, can that really be a bad thing? Absolutely not.


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