Meet Promise, next week’s Unearthed feature artist

Posted On Jun 15, 2017

Finding high-quality socially-conscious and thought-provoking hip-hop is a rarity these days. With many artists trying their best to emulate their heroes, these artists find themselves rehashing tired old ideas that have just don’t seem fresh anymore. However next week’s Unearthed feature artist promises not to follow paths that have been carved before him, instead choosing to blaze his own trail.

Promise’s Unearthed profile introduces himself as a 23 year old hip-hop musician from Hobart. Born in Kenya to Ethiopian parents, he came to Australia as a refugee at age 11, before taking the opportunity to start experimenting with beats and lyrics, and making his own music soon after.

After having released plenty of his early works independently online through services such as YouTube over the years, Promise has spent most of the last decade working on his musicianship, lyrics, and flow, and spending loads of effort transforming himself into the sublime musician that we find ourselves listening to today. Promise has been bringing his unique story and method of storytelling to the greater public for quite a while now, having collaborated with Close Counters and their song ‘Fluctuations’ a few years back, which earned him some of his early exposure to radio play.

Recent years have seen Promise begin to bring his music to larger and larger crowds, including opening for Aussie rapper Rates, and performing at pretty high-profile festivals such as Falls Festival, and Party In The Paddock; something that even most established major label Aussie acts would dream of.

Recently, Promise’s profile has been blowing up thanks in part to his newest single ‘Conscious Thoughts’. Produced by OxWhy, the track has been receiving plenty of rotation on both triple j and Unearthed radio, with plenty of influential commentators taking note of the brilliance of the track. With the track’s socially-conscious and thought-provoking lyrics, ‘Conscious Thoughts’ has seen Promise receiving praise on triple j Unearthed from the likes of Dom Alessio, Hau Latukefu of Koolism, and even current genre champions Thundamentals.

At this stage, it’s brilliant to see the unsigned talents of a strong, socially-aware rapper being recognised by the larger, music-consuming public. So with the support of triple j, Unearthed, and many Aussie festivals behind him, who knows, will Promise end up being one of out next big names in Aussie music putting our acts on the world stage yet again? Only time will tell, but we promise to keep you updated.


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