Meet the top 20 most-played acts on triple j this week

Posted On Sep 11, 2017

Another week has passed, and triple j have spent it doing what they do best – delivering endless hit tunes by a wide variety of brilliant artists from both here and abroad.

Of course, with so many songs being played in a week, it can get pretty tough to know the artists that have been the most popular. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the most-played acts for the week so you can put a name to those tunes you’ve been hearing all week. Who knows, you might just discover a new favourite thanks to this list.

20. Arcade Fire

Slowly making their way out of the list of most-played acts is Arcade Fire. With their most recent record, Everything Now, still getting rave reviews across the board, these Canadian indie legends have definitely cemented their place in musical history.

19. Royal Blood

A false rumour about an appearance on the upcoming U2 record hasn’t hampered the popularity of the blistering duo that is Royal Blood. Who knows how far they can go if they’re rumoured on the upcoming King Gizz record?

18. Phoenix

The French indie-rockers have returned to the airwaves this week thanks to their brilliant record Ti Amo. We’re still holding out for an Aussie tour, boys, but we’ll happy keep spinning the new record until then.

17. Ruby Fields

Let’s face it, Ruby Fields is killing it right now. In addition to being one of the most-played acts on the station, the muso has also dominated the unsigned acts list as well. With a national tour on the way in support of her single ‘P Plates’, you’re set to hear plenty more from this amazing artist.

16. Tired Lion

With Tired Lion’s Dumb Days scoring the feature album of the week on triple j, be prepared to be hearing plenty more of this killer Aussie group. With ‘Fresh’ dominating the airwaves, you’ll have plenty more fresh tracks to complement that one now.

15. Pnau

Pnau announced their brand new record last week, in addition to dropping three new tracks. Considering how popular ‘Chameleon’ was last year, is it any surprise that new music means that Pnau’s popularity has gone through the roof?

14. Carmouflage Rose

If you need a party started, you used to have to call P!nk. Now, Brisbane’s Carmouflage Rose is here to soundtrack all those ‘Late Nights’ of yours. Keep an eye on Carmouflage Rose, it’s one name you’ll be hearing plenty more of.

13. Angus And Julia Stone

Angus And Julia Stone’s brand new record, Snow, is due out in just a matter of days. With the duo’s ‘Chateau’ gaining significant airplay, you’re bound to hear plenty more of them in the coming weeks.

12. Gordi

Gordi’s debut record was recently released, and early vinyl copies contained half of Queens Of The Stone Age’s new record. This little hiccup didn’t hinder this Aussie star’s success in any way, with her record selling like hotcakes, and triple j giving tracks like ‘On My Side’ plenty of love.

11. Amy Shark

Amy Shark’s ‘Blood Brothers’ has gone absolutely gangbusters on triple j this week. Now that we’re getting some more tunes from the awesome Aussie muso, we’re pretty excited to see what her debut record is going to sound like.

10. The Killers

With The Killers announcing a free AFL Grand Final afterparty show, everyone has undoubtedly been listening to the legendary Las Vegas act, either trying to learn all the songs for the gig, or just getting excited about their new record, Wonderful, Wonderful.

9. Motez

Adelaide’s Motez is proving that South Australia is a musical powerhouse not to be ignored. With ‘The Future’ killing it right now, you’ll be hearing plenty more of this muso in… the future.

8. Everything Everything

Topping the list by a wide margin last week, Everything Everything are still everywhere everywhere, proving that Aussies love their music, and that our constant use of that pun is just not getting old. Still utilising their winning formula, the English lads are managing to get pretty high on this list without a single one of their track’s in the most-played tracks this week, indicating that plenty of their tracks are being loved on the airwaves.

7. Winston Surfshirt

Winston Surfshirt have been going gangbusters in recent months. With the group already announced for some pretty decent festivals in the future, who knows how long it will be until they’re topping this chart almost every week?

6. Sløtface

After winning countless fans with their cover of Lorde’s ‘Supercut’ for Like A Version, these Norway punks have just wrapped up an Aussie tour with the knowledge that there’s yet another country out there that absolutely adores them. Now we just need to wait for their debut record to drop.

5. SG Lewis

After hanging around for a couple of years, now is SG Lewis’ time to shine. With ‘Smart Aleck Kill’ hitting number two on the list of most popular tracks, it looks as if patience is finally paying off for SG Lewis.

4. Kah-Lo

Kah-Lo is continually rising higher on this list every week. With ‘Fasta’ the most played song on the station this week, we’ve no doubt got another triple j favourite on our hands, here.

3. Lorde

Back in the top three once again, Lorde’s run of success just keeps on giving. Who knows how much of this success for the week is due to Sløtface’s cover of ‘Supercut’? Either way, another well-deserved spot for our favourite Kiwi.

2. Vera Blue

Vera Blue’s Perennial has clearly struck a chord with triple j listeners, giving the brilliant Aussie muso her second week at number two on this list. To be fair, we’ve got a pretty strong inkling that she might be sticking around on this list for a while.

1. The Belligerents

After six years in the making, The Belligerents finally released their debut record, and it seems as if it’s paid off, with the group seeing some massive success, and being the most-played act on triple j for the last week. Who knows how popular they might have been if they’d waited another six years? Check out the group’s killer track, ‘Flash’, below.



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