Meet the top 20 most-played acts on triple j this week

Posted On Aug 21, 2017

As per usual, triple j has spent the last week delivering some absolutely amazing tracks to your ears, with amazing Aussie acts getting plenty of spin, while sharing the spotlight with our international musos as well.

With so many amazing artists and songs floating around the airwaves, it can be a little hard to keep track of what we've been listening toover the week. That's why we've decided to take a look back over the 20 most-played artists on triple j this week, and give you a quick rundown on just who they are, and why you've been hearing so much of them.

20. Mura Masa

Mura Masa is only a fresh face in the music scene, at the tender age of 21, but already he has enough pull to make others in the industry totally jealous. With his debut, self-titled record seeing plenty of airplay this week, Mura Masa starts off our list of most-played artists.


Topping the list of most-played artists last week, BOO SEEKA has seen an amazing amount of continued airplay this week. With their debut record Never Too Soon delivering countless amazing hits, we’ll be hearing plenty more of them.

18. Ziggy Ramo

After entering the minds of music fans last year, Perth’s Ziggy Ramo has made it his mission to make 2017 his year. Thanks to the success of the single ‘Same Script’, Ziggy Ramo is set to stick around for quite some time.

17. The Killers

It’s still a month to go until The Killers’ fifth record Wonderful Wonderful hits the shelves, which makes it even more impressive that they’ve managed to receive some pretty strong airplay. With ‘Run For Cover’ entering the playlist this week, you’ll be hearing a lot more of them in the weeks to come.

16. Motez

South Australia’s Motez has been kicking goals all over the place lately thanks to his impressively slick production. With ‘The Future’ hitting up the airwaves a lot lately, this is just the beginning for this awesome muso.

15. Haim

After taking out the second spot last week, love for Him has diminished slightly the week, but it does’t take away from the awesome impact that their new record, and track ‘Little of Your Love’, has had on the airwaves this week.

14. 6lack

Brilliant rising star 6lack has been killing it lately, and with his name all over the radio at the moment, that isn’t going to stop any time soon.

13. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life is an amazing piece of art that keeps on delivering. With a world tour just announced, let’s cross our fingers for for some Australian dates, alright Lana?

12. Jack River

Jack River’s profile just keeps on rising at the moment, and thanks to the strength of her track ‘Fool’s Gold’, there’s no telling just how far she will go.

11. Lorde

You just can’t get rid of Lorde. With her uncanny ability to write perfect choruses, and craft some undeniably catchy alt-pop hits, we basically expected her to be one of the most-played acts this week.

10. Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s reign as one of the most beloved indie art-rock bands continues with the success of their fifth record Everything Now, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

9. Snakehips & Anne-Marie

Snakehips and Anne Marie are just getting more popular by the day, it seems. Already hugely successful by themselves, teaming up seems to be one of the smartest things these artists ever did.

8. Matthew Young

When was the last time there was a New Zealand artist higher on the airplay count than Lorde? If anything, this just goes to show how well-received Matthew Young'sslick, sexy, and smooth sounds have been received by the music-loving public.

7. Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s got the honour of having the third most-played song on triple j this week, with ‘Lay It On Me’ dominating the airwaves. The first taste of his new album, just imagine how much we’ll be hearing of him when it drops.

6. Meg Mac

Meg Mac has been rightfully riding the wave of success borne from her long-awaited debut record Low Blows. With the Aussie muse just announced for a number of upcoming festivals, who knows how much more popularity she’ll gain?

5. Wolf Alice

The English group have managed to move up one spot on the airplay list this week. Still playing off the anticipation of new record Visions Of A Life, and the success of the track ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, you’ll be hearing plenty more from Wolf Alice in the future.

4. Tired Lion

Tired Lion should be pretty much on top of the world right now, with ‘Fresh’ coming in as the most-played track of the week on triple j. Produced by Violent Soho’s Luke Boredom, we knew this one was going to be a banger right from the start.

3. The Jungle Giants

The Jungle Giants keep on hitting the right notes at the moment. With ‘Bad Dream’ all over the airwaves, June’s Quiet Ferocity is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club haven’t released new music since 2016, so this ranking is all the more impressive. Undoubtedly bolstered by the success of their recent trip to Aussie shores, triple j just can’t get enough of the Irish lads right now.

1. Gang Of Youths

With Gang Of Youths’, Go Farther In Lightness, winning the coveted title of triple j’s feature album last week, we knew we were going to be hearing plenty more from the Sydney lads. Now that the album is out, listeners have been treated to a veritable onslaught of Gang Of Youths material, and you know what? That ain’t bad at all.



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