Meet the top 20 most-played artists on triple j this week

Posted On Sep 19, 2017

This week has seen some pretty amazing additions to the triple j playlist, with plenty of well-deserved Aussie acts getting the recognition they need. Of course, it can't all be homegrown talent, with lots of amazing international acts getting in on the action as well.

With so many brilliant artists and songs floating around the airwaves, it can be a little hard to keep track of what we've been listening toover the week. That's why we've decided to take a look back over the 20 most-played artists on triple j this week, and give you a quick rundown on just who they are, and why you've been hearing so much of them.

20. SG Lewis

After hanging around for a couple of years, now is SG Lewis’ time to shine. With ‘Smart Aleck Kill’ hitting number ten on the list of most popular tracks this week, it looks as if patience is finally paying off for SG Lewis.

19. The Belligerents

After six years in the making, The Belligerents finally released their debut record, Science Fiction.It seems as if all this waiting has paid off too, with the group seeing some massive success, and being the most-played act on triple j last week.

18. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish might only be 15 years old, but this American pop singer has already managed to get her track ‘Bellyache’ to become the ninth most-played track of triple j this year. Get your tips in early, because this one might just crack the top 20 in the Hottest 100 this year.

17. Drake

We hardly need to analyse why Drake might be one of the most-played acts this week. In addition to delivering amazing tracks consistently, the Canadian muso has also announced a huge Aussie tour for November. Clearly, everyone else is as pumped for this tour as we are.

16. Angus And Julia Stone

Angus And Julia Stone’s brand new record,Snow, was just released a few days back. With the duo’s ‘Chateau’ gaining significant airplay, you’re bound to be hearing plenty more of them in the coming weeks.

15. Lorde

The Kiwi songstress that needs no introduction, Lorde’sMelodramahas been hugely popular since its June release date. Thanks to the success of ‘Green Light’ and ‘Perfect Places’ as lead singles, Lorde is embarking on yet another banner year.

14. Haim

We knew that Haim’s new record was going to be big, after all, they had four years to craft some mind blowing indie-rock hits. With new single ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ seeing a release a few weeks back, the LA sisters are just prolonging this amazing success even further.

13. Carmouflage Rose

If you need a party started, you used to have to call P!nk. Now, Brisbane’s Carmouflage Rose is here to soundtrack all those ‘Late Nights’ of yours. Keep an eye on Carmouflage Rose, because it’s one name you’ll be hearing plenty more of in months and years to come.

12. Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey is well on her way to being the future of Australian indie-rock. With her single ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’ being absolutely adored by listeners lately, and with a tour on the way, you’re going to be hearing plenty of Alex Lahey on the airwavesin the coming months, and that’s just fine by us.

11. Kah-Lo

Kah-Lo is continually rising higher on this list every week. With ‘Fasta’ the sixth most-played song on the station this week, we’ve no doubt got another triple j favourite on our hands, here.

10. The Killers

With The Killers having recently announced an AFL Grand Final performance, and a free afterparty show, everyone has undoubtedly been listening to the legendary Las Vegas act, either trying to learn all the songs for the gig, or just getting excited about their new record,Wonderful, Wonderful. Now, with an Aussie tour announced, triple j might just become the go-to location for fans of The Killers.

9. Amy Shark

Amy Shark’s ‘Blood Brothers’ has gone absolutely gangbusters on triple j recently. Now that we’re getting some more tunes from the awesome Aussie muso, we’re pretty excited to see what her debut record is going to sound like.

8. Winston Surfshirt

Winston Surfshirt have been going from strength to strengthin recent months. With the group already announced for some pretty decent festivals in the future, who knows how long it will be until they’re topping this chart almost every week?

7. What So Not & LPX

What So Not is already a triple j darling, so how do you make listeners fall even more in love? Well, you get What So Not to team up with LPX to release a instant classic, that's how. What could be ‘Better’, oh, maybe that song becoming the most-played track for the week?

6. Royal Blood

England’s most brutal duo are still continuing to prove that rock is not dead on triple j. Even now, almost six months after their new record’s first single was released, the group are still dominating the airwaves. Impressive.

5. George Maple

George Maple’s ‘Hero’ has been tearing up the airwaves this week, currently sitting at number five on the most-played track for the week too. Here’s hoping we get even more from this brilliant Aussie muso – it’s been too long between drinks.

4. Pnau

Pnau recently announced their brand new record, in addition to dropping three new tracks. Considering how popular ‘Chameleon’ was last year, is it any surprise that new music means that Pnau’s popularity has gone through the roof? Well, with ‘Into The Sky’ being the second most-played track this week, we’re in for another year of Pnau.


Despite having a name that sounds like an X-Men villain, Sydney’s MUTO has been delivering some pretty amazing tunes this year. With ‘Say Nothing’ getting plenty of airplay, it sounds like everyone will soon have plenty to say about this brilliant Aussie muso.

2. Gang Of Youths

Gang Of Youths near the top once more, with the group’s phenomenal cover of The Middle East’s ‘Blood’ for Like A Version clearly winning them a whole lot more airplay. Rightly deserved, too.

1. Tired Lion

Having recently released the record Dumb Days, Tired Lion are now topping this list, after spending so many weeks at the lower reaches. Here’s hoping that this is just the start of many more weeks of dominating the airwaves. Considering what their track record has been like, it’s almost a certainty.


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