Meet the top 5 unsigned acts on triple j right now

Posted On Aug 22, 2017

Aussie talent is bloody brilliant, to say the least. We’re also lucky enough to be graced with the presence of such amazing platforms and programs such as triple j and Unearthed, which helps to uncover and foster fresh, up-and-coming Aussie talent. Could you imagine partaking in a music scene that doesn’t foster the growth of new talent, and instead relies heavily on recycled artists time and time again? Yeah, not for us.

Instead, we’ve got so much fresh talent that sometimes we don’t even know what to do with it all! That’s why we’re taking a few moments to step back and appreciate the top five unsigned, up-and-coming acts on triple j right now.

5. Ruby Fields

Having hit the number three position on this list last week, Ruby Fields’ down-to-earth, relatable style continues to win her fans. With her new track ‘P-Plates’ going absolutely gangbusters on triple j right now, there’s no doubt that we’re going to be hearing plenty more of Ruby Fields in the future.


SŸDE describe themselves as dance, electronic, and pop, and yeah, that’s pretty accurate, but you’ve never heard those genres combined quite like this before. Tender, haunting, and emotional, SŸDE manages to incorporate some of the freshest beats with raw human emotion to make music that stays with you for ages.

3. Ninajirachi

18-year-old Ninajirachi took out the number one spot on this list last week. Another week of amazing tunes and highly-accomplished production techniques, and this Sydney producer is still riding high on the wave of success. Take a listen to Ninajirachi’s ‘Pure Luck’ and just start counting down the days until you see her on a double bill with Flume.

2. Odette

Born in England but raised in Sydney, these intercontinental influences have clearly had a strong effect on Odette’s absolutely stunnning, intoxicating music. Featuring influences of jazz, hip-hop, indie, pop, and new wave, you’ll get a little bit of everything with Odette’s music, and no matter what you’re in the mood for, it’s exactly what you need.

1. Samsaruh

18-year-old Samsaruh kicked off this list last week, but has now shot right to the top. Working with Australian music figures such as Just A Gent, she’s been able to deliver some absolutely brilliant tracks, such as her newest one, ‘Golden To Thrive’. With a penchant for crafting absolutely stunning music, Samsarauh is one name you’re going to have to remember for when she’s headlining Aussie festivals in just a few years.


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