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Meet the most-played unsigned acts on triple j this week

One of the greatest things about Australian music is the huge amount of support that we give our up-and-coming talent. With platforms such as triple j Unearthed, artists that would otherwise go unnoticed are able to catch their big break and go on to be come huge players in the global music game. Needless to say, it gives you a pretty good feeling when you look at some of the awesome talent our fine country has.

Of course, before they get to that world-beating stage, they have to start somewhere. So we’ve decided to take a look at the top five unsigned artists on triple j right now. Who knows, in just a few years you could see some of these acts playing some international festivals, and you’ll be able to look back with pride as you remember when you first heard their awesome talent.

5. Willaris. K

Willaris K. is an immensely talented producer from Northern NSW, and a name that you’re definitely going to find in your ‘most-played’ playlist in the future. The stunning muso has been making music for a while now, finding a way to deliver luscious, dark ambient tunes right to your eager ears. While tracks like ‘Dour Nights’ might take some repeat listening to full appreciate the full range of sounds and efforts that have gone into its construction, every listen is a journey that you’re glad you’ve taken.

4. Press Club

Do you like your music loud? What about gutsy, an with a no-holds-barred approach that leaves you so exhilarated that you feel like you’ve run a marathon after listening to just one tune? Then Press Club is exactly the sort of band that you’ve been looking for. Having supported some brilliant Aussie bands lately, including Adelaide’s West Thebarton, who themselves featured on this list recently, Press Club are undoubtedly set to take the reigns as one of Australia’s biggest rock bands in no time.

3. Cub Sport

Cub Sport are absolutely unstoppable right now, and that’s just fine by us. Having released their excellent second record, BATS, after an outstanding reception to their debut record, This Is Our Vice, last year, the group have scored themselves another entry on this little list. With a fresh, soulful approach to their music, Cub Sport have been bringing in more and more fans at every turn, giving them a fanbase that is only appropriate given all the hard work they’ve put into their craft over the years.

2. A. Swayze & The Ghosts

For the longest time, one of the most unoriginal and uninspired jokes was about how no good bands ever came out of Tasmania. In recent years, that opinion has changed, and A. Swayze & The Ghosts are just one of the bands who are shutting up the nonbelievers. With a high-energy style of playing, and a tendency to write some of the most rockin’ tunes you’ll hear outside of a geologist’s Christmas party, A. Swayze & The Ghosts are quickly going to become one of your new favourite bands – and rightly so.

1. Samsaruh

In the last few months, you could probably count the the number of times that Samsaruh hasn’t been on this list on just one hand. Releasing her new single ‘Beautiful Killer’ recently, you’re going to be hearing plenty more from Samsaruh in the years to come, giving her the success that she well and truly deserves.

triple j unearthed Playlist Additions: A. Swayze & The Ghosts, Samsaruh & Alex Ford

triple j unearthed features independent and unsigned all-Australian music, artists and bands.

"The amount of music from unsigned and independent artists that’s being uploaded totriplejunearthed.comeach week is absolutely staggering and we’re playing the very best of it on Unearthed radio. We’re always shouting about these artists to our audience and this new mailout will help us make a bunch more noise with the industry as well." –Dave Ruby Howe

Listed below is the triple j unearthed playlist additions for next week.

Next week's Unearthed Feature Artist:
A. Swayze & The Ghosts (TAS)

Alex Ford – Act I (WA)

Aybner – Always (VIC)

Cool Party – Lights Out (WA)

Corniglia – But It Wasn’t That Long Ago (WA)

Deluso – Don’t Look (QLD)

Jo Neugebauer – Swings & Roundabouts (VIC)

Lila Gold – Play Gold (VIC)

Manu Crooks – Buddy Buddy (NSW)

Midas.Gold – Poppin’ (NSW)

Quails – We Don’t Need Entertainment (The Nights Remix) (NSW)

Regionals – Piss & Biscuits (NSW)

Samsaruh – Beautiful Killer (VIC)

SHOUSE – Love Tonight (VIC)

Stevie – Toughen Your Skin (QLD)

Tyne-James Organ – Watch You Go (VIC)