The Ten Most Played Songs On triple j In 2007, Revisited

Posted On Mar 07, 2017

Rememberingevery lyric of a song you last heard ten years ago is probably taking up some very valuable brain space. But for today, let's indulge as we look back on triple j's top ten most played songs of 2007, as recorded by J Play.

10. Justice – D.A.N.C.E

Parisian electropop duoJustice dropped a damn fine D.A.N.C.E floor anthem back in 2007.In the 2000s, there was no greater honour the Australian public could bestow upon a musician than to have them headline the Big Day Out, and that honour was given to Justice that same year. Theirlatest single 'Fire' was released at the veryend of 2016, and it'sastoundingly similar in its sound to 'D.A.N.C.E'. Funky and fuzzy, eitherthey are now living in the past, or they were just super futuristic back in 2007.

9. Kisschasy – Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night

Don't you hate when you're the current leader of the free world and on a date with Tony Blair, and then John Howard turns up to tag along? And then Kim Jong-Il pulls up alongside you and wants to drag race? SO annoying!

Kisschasy's music video for'Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night' is as colourful and sprightly as the song itself. But oh how it's aged.Remember when we thought US Presidents couldn't get any worse than George W. Bush? Hmm.

8. Silverchair – If You Keep Losing Sleep

Eccentricand circus-like with insanely high production values,Silverchair's 2007 single 'If You Keep Losing Sleep' was a different direction for the band that got their start pumping out garage grungeat age 15. After asuccessful music career spanning almost 20 years, Daniel Johns and co. announced they were going on "indefinite hibernation" in 2011. But never fear, you can still get your Silverchair hit in the form of drummer, Ben Gillies, hightailing around Toorak in The Real Housewives Of Melbourne. ”Ben, my husband, looks like Johnny f**king'Depp” said his wife in the very first episode. Rock'n'roll!

7. Klaxons – Golden Skans

2007 was an absolutelyshining year for this English three-piece, but things were never quite as goldenagain. "It hurts that time has gone so fast. My life sucks now lol.?" is one of the top comments on the 'Golden Skans'music video. So clearly, as jaunty as Klaxons' music is, their fans and their managementaren't quite as positive. "The general perception is that Klaxons second record was a misstep" sure is an odd thing for a band to put in their own Facebook bio…

6. John Butler Trio – Good Excuse

2007 saw the release of Grand National, one of the most impactful albums the Australianblues androots scene will probably ever see. Remaining in the top 20 of the ARIA album charts for over nine months that year(yikes!), 'Good Excuse' certainly played its part in the album's success. We remember that the quirky music video also got quite the rotation on Rage and Video Hits. So if hearing it makes you crave breakfast, that's why.

5. Kings Of Leon – Fans

Well,they thought they had fans in 2007;they could hardly waituntil 2008 rolled around. 'Fans' was one of the most popular tracks on Kings Of Leon'sBecause Of The Times, the album that came out just before Only By The Night:the one that really changed things for them commerciallyhere in Australia, and internationally (remember 'Use Somebody'? Of course you do). 'Fans' is packed with heftyrock'n'roll quintessence, but still manages to keep its cool.

4. John Butler Trio – Better Than

Interestingly, 'Better Than' is the only song on this listthat also features in the top ten of 2007's triple jHottest 100. (Spoiler alert: Bluejuice's 'Vitriol' only just missed out, coming inat number 11.)'Better Than' was Australia's fourth favourite song of the year, and also did well in both France and Japan. If 2007 isn't enough of a throwback for you and you'd rather take it right back to 1987, why not have both? John Butler Trio will be supporting Midnight Oil later this year in their highly anticipated reunion tour.

3. Bluejuice – Vitriol

To the heartbreak of many, Bluejuice announced their breakup in 2014. Their trademarkantics were alive until the very end, and especially in their breakout year of 2007. Shot in head-to-toe white gowns in the middle of Sydney's Pitt Street Mall, the Vitriol'music video racously takes the piss out of religious cults. Sadly, given the state of things at the moment, chanting "don't be afraid child, he will save you" in Sydney's CBDprobably wouldn't go down so comically these days.

2. Muscles – Ice Cream

If any of these songs were released today, Muscles' 'Ice Cream' would probably have struggled the most, despite being so popular back in 2007.Home studios and DIY electronica have now gottenso advancedthat the choppy (but charming) synths would only be the stuff of pre-production, rather than the finished product. But thelyrics "I don't need a number, I just want to dance with my shirt off" are all aboard the 2017 self-love train. Who wore it better, Muscles or Meghan Trainor?

1. Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire

'Hearts On Fire' came in solidly as triple j's most played song of 2007. And had it been released today, the same thing probably would have happened. The gentle ambiance is met with sparkling chants, a sneaky sax,and a low (and prettyAussie) vocal. Electronica is now one of the most prominent genres spun by the radio station, and the popularity of a 2017'Hearts On Fire'would have been one of the strongest indicators of this trend.Cut Copy headlinedan epic Splendour In The Grass backin 2007, alongside Arctic Monkeys and Lily Allen.

Their latest release is January Tape,a 40-minute instrumental odyssey that mightn't have you grooving like 'Hearts On Fire', but itsperfect for sippin' chais and flippin' pages.


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