1Hilltop Hoods4305 airings
2Tame Impala3966 airings
3Arctic Monkeys3666 airings
4Birds Of Tokyo3463 airings
5The Presets3329 airings
6Bloc Party3324 airings
7British India3192 airings
8Muse3149 airings
9The Wombats3121 airings
10Arcade Fire3116 airings
11Florence + The Machine3060 airings
12Ball Park Music2960 airings
13Cut Copy2956 airings
14Bliss n Eso2909 airings
15Vampire Weekend2899 airings
16Sarah Blasko2864 airings
17Illy2840 airings
18Kanye West2804 airings
19Radiohead2706 airings
20John Butler Trio2611 airings
Unearthed artists are absolutely dominating the airwaves right now - jplay

Unearthed artists are absolutely dominating the airwaves right now

Posted On Jun 08, 2017

It's already a well-established fact, but if you've ever needed more concrete proof that triple j Unearthed is one of the biggest supporters of unsigned Aussie music, we need only to cast a glance over at the recent chart of triple j's most played tracks for the week.

The last week's most played track was Winston Surfshirt's 'Ali D', which was enjoyed a solid14 times by triple j listeners, not bad at all for a track that's only been around for a monthThis feat is shared by US indie-rockers Foster The People and their track 'Pay The Man', closely followed by Vince Staples' 'Big Fish', with 13 airings.

The idea of an Unearthed act from Sydney being more popular than a couple of big name American musicians is enough to warm the cockles of your Australian music-loving heart, but the good news is that the Unearthed domination doesn't stop there.

As you might expect, this week's most played tracks are predominantly Aussie, with 65% of the list being taken up by musicians from this fine country (that's 13 Aussie tracks for those of you playing at home). The rest of the list is 20% American (four tracks), withDenmark, England, and Sweden make up 5% each (one track). However, in addition to that Aussie representation of 65%, 55% of the whole chart is from Unearthed artists this week.

Of course, in addition to this, we're also seeing plenty of big name acts taking up some of the coveted spots on the most played list, including Haim, whose track 'Want You Back' is seeing plenty of success, being the fifth most heard track of the week, and Englishmen Royal Blood, who have returned from a couple of years of silence with their brilliant track 'Lights Out'.

From Amy Shark's 'Drive You Mad', to Skegss' 'Got On My Skateboard', to The Preatures' 'Girlhood', andover to Tash Sultana's 'Murder To The Mind', Aussie unsigned talent is completely tearing up the airwaves. Interestingly, the only Aussie actsnotto be from triple jUnearthed are Nick Murphy with his track 'Your Time' (the fourth most played track of the week), and Kilter's 'I Hear You' (the eleventh most played track).

All in all, its not only a brilliant time for Aussie musicians on the triple j airwaves, but it's an even better time to be an Unearthed musician, because the chances are, the public is about to hear plenty of you.


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