Get to know the top 5 most-played unsigned acts on triple j this week

Posted On Dec 04, 2017

Up-and-coming talent is one of the most important musical resources that Australia has. These musicians are the future of the Aussie music scene, and it’s their songs that concertgoers will be screaming at the top of their lungs from those sweaty mosh pits. Understandably, it’s pretty important that we nurture this talent and give it an outlet with which it can be heard.

Thankfully, triple j and Unearthed are here to do just that for these future stars of Aussie music. But with countless artists springing up each day, and with a multitude tunes being uploaded to the service every minute, the question is, where do you start? Well, we can’t answer that exactly, but what we have done is compiled a list of the top five most-played unsigned acts on triple j right now. Have a read, you might just find your next favourite artist in this little list.

5. Thornhill

If there’s one thing that we’re sure of, it’s that Australia makes some pretty amazing music. With young talent as promising as Thornhill, the future of Australian music looks incredibly bright. This Victorian five-piece have been around for a little while now, but they’re slowly growing in popularity as their intense, melodic heaviness gets noticed by more and more eager fans.

4. Timberwolf

Timberwolf is the stage name of Christopher Panousakis, an Adelaide musician who has been delivering his bluesy, indie-rock style to the people for the past few years. Now, after finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves, Timberwolf has dropped his debut record, Íkaros, which is giving plenty more listeners the chance to discover his unique style of music.

3. Cub Sport

Cub Sport are absolutely unstoppable right now, and that’s just fine by us. Having released their excellent second record, BATS, after an outstanding reception to their debut record, This Is Our Vice, last year, the group have scored themselves another entry on this little list. With a fresh, soulful approach to their music, Cub Sport have been bringing in more and more fans at every turn, giving them a fanbase that is only appropriate given all the hard work they’ve put into their craft over the years.

2. Willaris. K

Willaris K. is an up-and-coming producer from Northern NSW, and a name that you’re definitely going to find in your ‘most-played’ playlist in the future. The young muso has been making music for a while now, finding a way to deliver luscious, dark ambient tunes right to your eager ears. While tracks like ‘Dour Nights’ might take some repeat listening to full appreciate the full range of sounds and efforts that have gone into its construction, every listen is a journey that you’re glad you’ve taken.

1. Samsaruh

In the last few months, you could probably count the the number of times that Samsaruh hasn’t been on this list on just one hand. Releasing her new single ‘Beautiful Killer’ today, you’re going to be hearing plenty more from Samsaruh in the years to come, giving her the success that she well and truly deserves.


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