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triple j unearthed Playlist Additions: A. Swayze & The Ghosts, Samsaruh & Alex Ford

triple j unearthed features independent and unsigned all-Australian music, artists and bands.

"The amount of music from unsigned and independent artists that’s being uploaded totriplejunearthed.comeach week is absolutely staggering and we’re playing the very best of it on Unearthed radio. We’re always shouting about these artists to our audience and this new mailout will help us make a bunch more noise with the industry as well." –Dave Ruby Howe

Listed below is the triple j unearthed playlist additions for next week.

Next week's Unearthed Feature Artist:
A. Swayze & The Ghosts (TAS)

Alex Ford – Act I (WA)

Aybner – Always (VIC)

Cool Party – Lights Out (WA)

Corniglia – But It Wasn’t That Long Ago (WA)

Deluso – Don’t Look (QLD)

Jo Neugebauer – Swings & Roundabouts (VIC)

Lila Gold – Play Gold (VIC)

Manu Crooks – Buddy Buddy (NSW)

Midas.Gold – Poppin’ (NSW)

Quails – We Don’t Need Entertainment (The Nights Remix) (NSW)

Regionals – Piss & Biscuits (NSW)

Samsaruh – Beautiful Killer (VIC)

SHOUSE – Love Tonight (VIC)

Stevie – Toughen Your Skin (QLD)

Tyne-James Organ – Watch You Go (VIC)